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Dating Vox Tone Bender

Tone Bender - Wikipedia

The Vox Tone Bender (model no. V828 in Vox's 1966 US price list) is based on the same circuit topology as the MK1.5 version. It was made for Thomas Organ Co. by the Jen company in Italy. This circuit uses different component values and transistor types making it different in tone and behavior. For sale is this very rare VOX Tone Bender MK III fuzz pedal. Perhaps even more rare than the coveted MK II Professional, the MK III enjoyed a serious tenure with Jimmy Page. Really sweet sounding and highly musical this is simply a great fuzz pedal. Functions and sounds very nice, the two botto... "The D*A*M "1966" is a replica of the Vox Tone Bender that was produced between 1966-68 that features the grey hammerite casing with the large logo black face plate. Maybe the most iconic Tone Bender of all, say the words Tone Bender and this is the pedal most will think of.

Dating Vox Tone Bender
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Fifty Years of Filth: The Story of the Mighty Tone Bender ...

The MkI.5 was sold under both the Sola Sound and Vox monikers. Here we have a 1967 specimen of the latter in a sandcast-aluminum enclosure. Photo courtesy of Jimmy Behan/ The Tone Bender MkI.5 In early 1966, the Tone Bender went through the first of its many circuit changes. •2009 - JMI (the Harrisons/Music Ground) bring replicas of the original Tone Benders to market - a wood cased MKI Prototype Tone Bender, metal cased MKI, and cast metal cased MKII Professional. JMI never made the original 1960's-1970's Gary Hurst or Sola Sound Tone Benders (unless you count the Italian made Vox versions), nor were they associated publicly with them, but oddly, the Harrisons ...

Vox Tone Bender Pedal - Circuit Scheme

This is the circuit diagram of Vox Tone Bender Pedal. The circuit is very similar to Fuzz Face pedal. The Vox ToneBender will have a lot more treble response than the Fuzz Face…maybe to help brighten up those characteristically “dark” sounding British amps some. Using a Vox ToneBender with a Fender Twin, or any other… Read More » Gut shot of three Vox (JEN made) Tone Benders .

Dating Vox Tone Bender Lyrics

Dating Vox Tone Bender Lyrics, speed dating des plaines quilt pattern, dating chat apps download tool, speed dating in boston Download VOX TONE BENDER service manual & repair info for electronics experts. Service manuals, schematics, eproms for electrical technicians. ... VOX SOLID STATE PA 50 SSPA50 50W AMPLIFIER--LATE 1960S SCH VOX SS-PA1002 100B SCH VOX SS-PA50 SCH VOX SS PA100 SCH VOX STARTSTREAM. I have been out of the shopping for these things for a bit but really want the BEST tonebender clone I can get for an ... also the throbak stone bender was ... Soulbender that lacked something,so I sent it to Theo Hartman and had him work it over.He really knows the authentic tones and has the ears and elec. experience to do it right.Now this ...

Vox Tonebender Clones | The Gear Page

Other than that I have a MJM Brit Bender (3 knob) that is sweet. Those are well priced and usually available used. Though I'm not sure if those are supposed to be Vox Tonebender clones or Colorsound/Sola Sound, etc... The Deep Trip Hellbender is awesome and gets a lot of different Tonebender version tones. But good luck finding one now. Vox and Sola Sound I.5 are two different pedals from two different manufacturers. English made Sola Sound Tone Bender I.5 sounds more like a Fuzz Face without the excessive low end. Vox Tone Bender is your text book "wasp in a jar" fuzz tone. Although, all 3 are essentially the same circuit with some component value changes.

Dating Vox Tone Bender Youtube -

Dating Vox Tone Bender Youtube, gay dating uk free queen, doktorat online dating, calculadora para ingenieros online dating. Monika. 146 64 comments, 98 shares. Houston. Houston. NEW. Whether you're looking for a casual relationship, friendship, or something more, here are five must-see tips to have a successful casual relationship. Fourth, I changed the 1KB "attack" pot to 2KB. This change doesn't really have any effect on the tone of the pedal, but it does help to prevent Q3 from becoming saturated. The Fifth change was to replace the 8K2 resistor on the emitter of Q3 with a 20K trimpot so that the collector voltage of Q3 can be adjusted to exactly 4.5V-5V.


Vox Tone Bender fuzz pedal dating from around 1966 (from early serial no. and input cap positioning under circuit board). Replaced jacks (Switchcraft, including correct power switching jack) and battery snap – which is pretty usual for pedals this old – and one electrolytic cap. At one point, I had three Vox Tone Bender pedals.


50+ videos Play all Mix - VINTAGE VOX TONEBENDER FUZZ PEDAL AUDIO DEMONSTRATION YouTube; Mark Knopfler on Guitars - Duration: 14:25. ... Need to Figure Out Which JMI Tone Bender is Right ? Gary Hurst claimed in 2010 that he gave the Beatles a two-transistor Tone Bender, and Vox Engineer Dick Denney also claims he gave the Beatles a prototype Vox Tone Bender, which was also a two-transistor circuit similar to the MK1.5. The pedal pictured could be either one. Twin Bender uses NOS (new, old stock) transistors sourced from around the world. We have a large enough supply to be very selective. They are tested for several electrical specifications, noise, and tone before the best are matched for a Twin Bender.

The VOX Showroom - Vox Tone Bender Pedal V828

The V828 Vox Tone Bender and many Vox organs for the US market were produced by JEN. The two pedals shown on the top of this page are examples of the Thomas V828 Tone Bender produced by JEN. Some of these pedals were finished in black "crinkle coat" paint while others were adorned with gray hammertone. The Vox Tone Bender (not to be confused with the Colour Sound Tone Bender) was a copy with only minimal changes to the the component values, and adapted to NPN silicon transistors. There have been several versions of the Vox Tone Bender and the Vox Distortion Booster, all variants on the basic circuit.

The VOX Showroom - Effects, Accessories and Miscellaneous

VOX V828 "TONE BENDER" FUZZ TONE. Vox Tone Bender V828: - 1965 - 1971. JMI VOX DISTORTION, TREBLE, BASS AND MIC BOOSTERS. JMI Vox Boosters. VOX V806 TREBLE BOOSTER. Vox V806 Treble Booster. VOX V810 BASS BOOSTER. Vox V810 Bass Booster. VOX V816 DISTORTION BOOSTER. Vox V816 Distortion Booster. The origins. Tone Bender MKIII, Tone Bender MKIV. Same party different frock. Aside from the obvious differences in the enclosure type of these pedals any true solid definition of which is what in regards to circuit type is and will always be a little bit of an ambiguous subject.

Vintage 1960s Vox Tone Bender Fuzz

Need to Figure Out Which JMI Tone Bender is Right ? ... 14:57. 50+ videos Play all Mix - Vintage 1960s Vox Tone Bender Fuzz YouTube; Fender vs Vox vs Marshall: What's the Difference? ... VOX (JMI) wanted a piece of the pie and produced their version of the Tone Bender by JEN in Italy. The pedal we have demoed is all stock from around 1968-9. It uses the SFT363 and SFT337 germanium transistors and sounds incredible.

The Tone Bender Timeline History -

It was very similar to the MK1.5 Tone Bender, giving the impression in some people's minds the first Vox Tone Bender circuit is possibly Dick Denney's work, or that Denney may be responsible for the odd MK1.5 version of the Tone Bender (1965), which is a very similar 2-transistor circuit (all pure speculation). I got the Fulltone 70 which is a good silicone fuzz face sound and later got the 69 which is more of a germanium sound, both are great but very different IMO. The soul bender is cool and I may end up getting something similar as I understand the bender sound much more now than I did years ago. I still dig the 69 and 70 though.

Dating Vox Tone Bender Youtube

Anushka 22 Private Escorts Bandra, Mumbai. Hi dear, My name Dating Vox Tone Bender Youtube is Anushka, a 22 years old bachelorette in Mumbai. I am extremely hot and a co-operative girl with a cute smiling face. Do you want to see passionate personalities to give you complete relaxation from your hectic schedule? A Vox Tone Bender has been seen with an inspection tag for Vox V828 #5035, dated "13 November 1967". The enclosure was similar to the Sola Sound Mk1.5/MKII case, in silver hammerite finish with a black logo panel. Later production changed to a black enclosure with silver panel. Product Information. VOX Tonebender is a guitar pedal designed to produce sound modulations by applying effects such as Fuzz. To provide the musicians with an option to control the desired aspects of their instrument's tone, this model is equipped with the following controls: Level, Attack.

Stompbox Classics: Tone Bender - Premier Guitar

Suffice to say, the Tone Bender is a hot commodity at the moment, so a good discussion is well warranted. But let’s first clarify what we mean when we refer to a Tone Bender. Over the years, the name “Tone Bender” has appeared on more than a dozen different pedals, some of which hardly resemble the others in appearance or design. Vox Tonebender 1966. TheVox Tone Benderis among the top fuzz boxes used during the British Invasion. The tone is bright and cuts through the mud. This pedal is the first series of Tone Bender released by Vox. There were dozens of fuzzes produced in England in the 60s and many vintage tone fanatics endeavor to collect them all.

The Ultimate Fuzz Pedal - Original Vox Tone Bender

About 1966 Vox Tone Bender V828 through 1967-1968 Marshall 50W Lead plexi and a 1969 Marshall 1935A 4x12 speaker cabinet with G12M25 55Hz Pulsonic Celestion greenbacks. Guitars 1963 Fender ... Want to build a Vox Tone Bender, but found two schematics that are very different. Which one is the correct for a 1966/67 period? This looks like an NPN or a silicon version? This is PNP. Does the Vox Tonebender have more gain than the Sola Sound TB MK1.5? It remained in production until early 1968. Marshall continued producing a slightly different looking version of the Supa Fuzz until 1972 or longer. After being out of production for over 40 years, the VOX Tone Bender Professional MKII is available again from JMI and it is hand built in England just like the originals.

Jimmy Page & "Tone Bender" fuzz pedal

Jimmy Page talks about "Tone Bender" fuzz pedal... Clip extracted from "It Might Get Loud" Vox "Hastings" Tonebender Mk.III (by Colorsound) Vox (by Sola Sound) Tone Bender Mark III (by Colorsound) Vox (by Sola Sound) Tone Bender Mark III with Treble 'n' Bass Boost; British Pedal Company Players series Tone Bender Mark III (based on Vox MkIII) JMI Players series Tone Bender Mark III (based on Vox MkIII) JMI Tone Bender Mark III (based ... The D*A*M "1966" is a replica of the Vox Tone Bender that was produced between 1966-68 that features the grey hammerite casing with the large logo black face plate. Maybe the most iconic Tone Bender of all, say the words Tone Bender and this is the pedal most will think of.

A Player’s Guide to Fuzz: 17 Flavors Throughout History ...

The Tone Bender family kept breeding. The Vox Tone Bender (not the be confused with the Vox Tone Bender Professional MK II, which is, indeed, a MK II) offered another milestone in fuzz, hearkening back to the leaner Fuzz Tone while retaining some of the MK II’s juicy low end. Stark 16 Ton Exhaust Tubing Bender 1/2-Inch Square Hydraulic Hand Pump Tubing Bender Stroke Pipe Bending Steel Pipe with Dies Set. 4.0 out of 5 stars 1. $214.95 $ 214. 95. FREE Shipping. Only 15 left in stock - order soon. Torin Big Red Hydraulic Pipe/Tube Bender with 6 Cast Dies, 12 Ton Capacity.

Vox Tone Bender Reissue Fuzz Demo

I believe these were reissued in the 90s, and man are these buzzy fuzzes! I think they sound great, and certainly no worse than the originals! Vox Tonebender in good working condition. No scratchy pots or switch. The original 9v battery clip was replaced. 1 original foot is missing as a result its currently wearing 2 original feet and 2 replacement feet. On the Baja Tech page they say The Bone Bender is a Vox TB replica as used by Mick Ronson and The Yardbirds but they're known for their use of a Gary Hurst MKI Tone Bender (3 transistors) and not of a VOX Tone Bender. A lot pictures already prooved this fact.

The VOX Showroom - The Vox V829 Tone Bender

The Vox V829 Tone Bender "Fuzz" was one of first products introduced under the Korg ownership of the Vox brand. It was included in the 1994, 1995, 1996 and 1997 Vox price lists and featured in a 1994 sales flyer. FOR SALE!- JMI Tone Bender Professional MKII - - Made in the UK -Popularised by rock legend Jimi Page, this pedal packs a gnarly punch and will give you those classic, fuzzed out rock tones that we all know and love. an old Vox catalog. A foot operated distortion accessory. Electronically controlled fuzzy distortion effects are produced with a foot tap. The Vox Tone Bender creates harmonics that are nonexistent in the fundamental signal.

Tonebender for sale | eBay

make offer - nos ac125 pnp germanium vox tone bender marshall supa fuzz sets tested matched. new silicon npn bc108c transistor tonebender tested trios marshall supa fuzz. $14.89 +$14.50 shipping. make offer - new silicon npn bc108c transistor tonebender tested trios marshall supa fuzz. Vox ToneBender The Fuzz Face Predecessor The Vox ToneBender was another pedal in the ToneBender series, but it differs from most because of it's greatly increased treble response and two transistor circuit. The circuit itself predates the Fuzz Face, which means that the famous Arbiter Electronics Fuzz Face was probably based on this circuit. Blendr - chat, date and meet with over 464 million people. Join our community and make new friends in your area.

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